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IQ Option Review

IQ Option Review


IQ Option is a leading option in the binary options, allowing traders to trade with regular assests.the assets include the foreign currency, indices and the commodities. The IQ Option allows the dearest to pair up two assets for their stock trade. With about 90 different types of assets, the traders can chose the pair with the most strength. Traders with have experience in the forex have an easy time dealing with IQ Option as they are related.


IQ Option is specially designed to help the new traders to have an easy time. The guidelines are easy to understand making it so easy to use. It has stocks of great value throughout Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. You can learn a lot on binary trade on the IQ Option site. This option has a little downtime. Withdrawal ideally take up to 3 days or up to 24 hours on a fast day. Deposits and the withdrawals can be done via PayPal or any other well known money transfer services.


IQ Option minimum deposit for account opening is $10. The minimum value on stock is $12 and the maximum $500. This makes it convenient for the small-scale trades and the moderate traders. Traders who want to use large sums of money can use the VIP accounts.


Traders can greatly benefit from the IQ Option as they are awarded bonuses of up to 100%. The bonuses are awarded on the opening capital, making the trader have opening capital of double his or her deposited amount.


This site is proven to be among the best in binary trading for a very long time, with great payouts and smooth operations at all times. The customer service, as well as the charting are efficient. For more information, contact the customer care via their phone number or email contact found on the IQ Option website. 


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